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Stocks Made in China

China listed limited Tech Companies on their stock exchange similar to NASDAQ

China’s Stock Trading for Tech Companies finally began today 21 Warnings later. Dubbed the  STAR Markets started with 25 companies taking part in domestic stock trading, This is inpart to Gain momentum for stock trading as well as a well planned and organized method to keep the Chinese Technological Companies within China and Make it appealing for investors as well as for participating companies

Even before trading at light-speed started the exchange sent out Warnings to Investors 

A Using the Word smooth would be a mistake according to various posts on taobao and qq’s(china’s social media) Trading of stocks was halted Multiple times throughout the day, Either due to technical issues that showed up due to bugs in the trading protocol or due to companies deciding to pause trading due to surge of buying.

Plans for the STAR Markets were announced in Nov 2018 for the purpose of various reforms in the capital market and make listing stocks appealing and improve companies profitability. Early adopters included Tencent, Alibaba and JD as expected 

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