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Apple’s New Stand isn’t Really Stupid

Some call it Outright rip-off Some call it apple tax Well This is Different !

Incase you didn’t already know, Apple announced a New Mac Pro, Yes the Powerful offering Mac lineup which was last updated with the Iconic trash can 5 years ago.  It has new improvements especially in its price from 3K 5 years ago to a used car 5K USD

The Monitor is for a whole another article but things that are to be said about this Monitor and its stand are to be said right away !

Be Thankful to Apple for giving you options especially this one

Apple is notorious When it comes to options, charging upto $100 for 100GB of space (while it costs less than $4 for Apple) well this time they gave a good option you can just get the Pro Extreme dynamic range display for a mere 5K (another used car) and not get the Stand for 1K, compared to the similar spec’d Pro display shown on the WWDC keynote it was priced 35K+ (7 used cars??). to be fair professional gear are quite expensive and some demand better displays for better graphics especially in film making and Apple claims its display is the best for their craft.

Though keep in mind, You don’t actually have to Buy the stand.. Professionals already have a stand so they would just buy the Display and throw it in their current stand rather than buying the one offered by Apple

Apple instead of offering the XDR display for 6K, now offers it for 5K without the stand. Thats basically all of it. 

Lets us Know what you think about the New stand and would you buy the Mac Pro?


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