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About Us


247NewsTech was created on August 2015 as ‘TodaysTechNews’ to Share Tech News With The World.

Our Goals and Vision

We Have Many Goals. Some of Our Goals That we’re willing to share are The ones that defines us.

To produce Quality over Quantity.  

To Have the Lowest Bounce Rate.

To have the Highest Engagement 

To Have a Non Toxic Community

and To Never Mislead or Publish Fake News. 

Who We Are

We are a small tiny, Very very tiny group of writers based in The United Arab Emirates. 

Only the Great make us, If you want to join us Send in your resume to admin@247newstech.com 

To Guest publish use the Tip option on our Contact us page

Our Story


247NewsTech was started by Oran Dsouza as ‘Todaystechnews’ in august 2015, with a 99 cent  Domain name and Dollar Hosting Plan. Ever since then we had a great annual growth rate and rebranding was necessary so on August 2016 came 247NEWSTECH Site 0.1 Alpha, with the alpha release we were Able to blame our shortcomings on the version. Not a Nobel thing to do but it worked. We were just growing, day by day at a huge rate we were not able to cover our Bandwidth costs with the wait of the Ad Revenue which is why we decided to go private/newsletter access in 2017 and now we’re back to public on 2018. to read our private articles send a blank email to subscribe@247newstech.com