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ToTok Co-Founders Release Statement regarding apps removal from Both Stores.

ToTok an Emirati App Accused of Spying on its users on behalf of the UAE Government had released statement on the 20th and Users were notified Yesterday about it Via ToTok App.

The Co-Founders of the App display their concerns and disappointment in their statement, they mention the Apps removal as “yet another attack perpetrated against our company by those who hold a dominant position in this market.”

They also mentioned the users that already have the app installed on their Devices to continue using it and mentioned the stores they can be downloaded from and also left a link to their website from where they can install the App safely, though it is to note the App can only be installed on Android devices due to Apple’s walled Garden not allowing it to be installed on iOS Devices.

The App has managed to Maintain their innocence even after being accused of their company being a front for darkmatter, while the critics have once again failed to submit real proof and only call names there are legitimate reasons to believe The app is actually innocent and does not spy for anyone

They also mention about the Guide Apps that have crept up after the Apps removal which we covered here

“Making things worse, over the past months, we have witnessed the proliferation of ToTok clone apps. Apps without any apparent working functionality that, mimicking our brand logo and name, have deceived unsuspecting users, exposing their data and stealing their money. Despite their manifest fraudulent nature, these apps have been approved and made free to circulate on the app stores, highlighting, once again, the evident flaw in the app approval process, which is used by the two giants as a tool to impose their control over the market.”

Read the Full Statement here

We have reached out to Google Playstore and Appstore for comment and have not heard anything from them yet. This post will be updated once more info arrives.

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