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ToTok Gets Removed from Playstore for the 2nd Time

The Emirati App Accused of Spying on its users has been removed from the Playstore for the 2nd time.

Google has not replied for our request for a statement regarding the removal, neither is there any statement from ToTok’s creator’s this time, nor are they replying to our Mails.

Although this time around if you search for ToTok in the Playstore you’ll find ‘Guide’ Apps, Apps that sneakily impersonate the original app while providing you with template app with 4 menu’s 6 paragraphs on how to use the App and the Apps themselves are filled with Advertisements. Their Basic existence is to mint Admoney for their scummy creators

The Only way to use the apps since their removal is by downloading them from their official site, meanwhile Apple users do not have a way to use them unless you already had the app Installed.

During the original removal from both the stores, playstore decided to reinstate the app meanwhile App Store has not responded for a statement and neither did they reinstate the app, leaving iOS users with no way to download the App although they can use BOTIM, another Licensed by the TRA App, that used to charge $13.61 per month but now is available for regular use for Free.

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