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The Scummy ‘Guide’ Apps in Playstore

The so called “Guide” Apps of the Original app are nothing but a sham in an attempt to mint As much AdRevenue as possible.

image source: Playstore

The year is 2009 and a New Category of Apps began to spawn, the so called ‘Guide’ apps, at Hindsight they’re a sham of an Apps, but the fact that no one speaks about them and ignoring them can have Dangerous Effects in the future.

Guide Apps in a nutshell are just that, Guide Apps for another App, these apps are Specifically not allowed in the Apple’s App Store due to their rigorous checking and the actual ‘working’ App Submission feature which Honestly is one of the Advantage of getting an iOS Device. you might not really realize this as its rarely brought up but thats how the App Store Apps are always High Quality where as Apps in Playstore lack Quality, sometimes crash and look like college Students App Projects because they might be just that.

Because there’s really no mention of Guide apps not even once in Playstore app Policies, Developers or anyone really that knows how to scrap a template and package it and submit to Playstore can create a Guide app thats infused with Tons of Adverts and/or some apps are found with AdWare that impersonates different important functions of your phone like Flashlight.

The Guide apps themselves are pretty bad, they provide no real knowledge of the original apps and sometimes they disguise their thumbnails exactly like the original app, and at most times they just have 3 menu’s 6 paragraphs and are released by the same developer, An app developer we checked had over 130 of these Guide Apps, most of them with 100,000s of Downloads and they released 1 App on the day we checked, with the process being this easy, rinse and repeat is also easy and shamefully this is hurting Everyone, not just You or Playstore but everyone. The Business model is a clever one but the costs related with it for the store can add up eventually.

Whats scary is the reply we got from Google Play who told us “We are on the Process of getting every Guide Apps checked for Malware, for they do not break any of our guidelines, we will have a review and see soon to make amends with our guidelines.”

What do you think?

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