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HQ Trivia has now officially shutdown

HQ Trivia the app that used to pay you money to guess answers to their questions has now officially shut down along with layoff of its entire staff

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The Founder of HQ Trivia Rus Yusupov released a statement and pointed out that their lead investors do not wish to fund anymore, and the accusation deal they were working on failed at the last moment.

At one point HQ Trivia had over 2.3 Million concurrent Players, that lead to copycats being formed in countries like South Africa and India where the earning of people are lower compared to The US so it was way cheaper to launch apps there alongside with lower user accusation costs. Those have also seem to have shutdown in the recent months or get no viewers.

The Format was a Nice one, no users complained in the beginning but you know, everything has to come to an eventual End.

What do you think?

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