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Why I Left Facebook For 2 Years.

I Left Facebook + Instagram Completely except for a few important posts like grievances and replies to my birthday wishes. 

So.. I Left Facebook & Instagram Completely On October 27th 2017. After sharing a very wise quote from our Facebook page. Like our Facebook Page if you didn’t already, there’s going to be a shower of interesting posts soon. You do not want to miss that.

The main goal of the Experiment being to avoid opening my laptop clicking on ‘Safari’ then my muscle memory typing in ‘Fac’ and clicking enter just to open Facebook and mindlessly spend my time scrolling my Feed and Occasionally Scrolling through my own Timeline.

Quitting Social Media especially Facebook is Easier than you think

Before I clicked my Final Logout, I had a lot of questions in my mind. What if there’s something important I would miss, or what if my Account gets Hacked(Again)… or What if someone tips me for an Article Story.. or What if I forget my password… Well those questions didn’t stop me from clicking on the final Logout. The takeaway here is Unlike most people I didn’t Deactivate my account.

If you didn’t already know there’s an option to delete accounts permanently. I wanted to click that at first But the feeling of losing my account didn’t allow me to do that. Also I didn’t want people to visit an account owned by an impersonator so Logging out permanently made more sense than deleting my account.

So what did I do to prepare my account For my Permanent Holiday?

I Wanted people to know I was taking a break, bare in mind at that time I didn’t know how long I would be gone Honestly I though for a month So I went ahead and messaged all of my close friends telling them I will no longer be using my facebook account. This was also the time when Facebook introduced a new Bio ofcourse I changed mine so everyone gets to know my account is dead. 

I Also prepared a backup of my data in case Facebook gets suspicious and decides to delete my account for ‘Suspicious Activity’ I also setup legacy accounts just in case 😨

Right after I logged out of my Facebook account I decided to setup an Linkedin Profile. I did have one that was ready to be buried but I wanted to start from the ground and see Linkedin’s Potential as unlike Facebook it didn’t have a Toxic Community, Linkedin Profile is also a worthy Investment, More on that on Another Article Soon.

Between November 2019 and October 2017 I logged in only twice, Once to grieve for someone and another time was 4 Months ago to Thank everyone wishing me happy birthday because its rude to not Thank someone when they wish you 🤓.

During the time I was away It didn’t take me days to figure out I was spending my time efficiently. I was writing, Learning, Gaming, Coding and spending each and every second of my break efficiently Thats also how I wrote over 300 Articles last year which you guys enjoyed reading Speaking of articles,  My Ad Revenue Was also up by almost 75% Which is Great but the Best part is…

Viewer Engagement Went up by over 900% and 247NEWSTECH Newsletter Articles from October 2017 to October 2019 had 7 Digit Views ! 

Today, After a 25 Months I logged in, Well actually I tried to but typed in my old password as I forgot the fact that I changed my password before I logged out took me a minute to retrieve password and login But my excitement dropped as I saw those Trendy Quiz Questions didn’t know what I was expecting Perhaps cute cat pics?

I Also Noticed most of my friends have already left Facebook as well they have moved on to Instagram and Cancerous Tik Tok. Still there are a handful of them using Facebook on a  Daily Basis. 

I really miss everything thats gone.

Majority of the Games I used to play were also Gone. Turns out Broken Bulb Studio went Bankrupt and Miscrits went down. Something strange happen with Social Point and Dragon City + Social wars/Empires is Down. War Commander by Kixeye is still up and running but over the course of the year a lot has changed Some pages I used to follow were missing or the admins stopped posting.

Sad to see that happen but I’m glad they found something else to do rather than scrolling Feed Mindlessly liking posts that you don’t even want to and Sharing unwanted IQ Questions some that don’t even have an answer like a sheep.

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