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Faceapp: A Story of Distrust 

Finally Privacy Being Taken Seriously by Internet Users, But for Faceapp It’s just the Timing.

FaceApp used to be a Fun App to show your friends some Party Tricks and laugh till a New Feature of Morphing the user into their future self was introduced and all Social Media’s were filled with just Photo’s from FaceApp. At hindsight most people just wanted to look at their older self, But the issue was much deeper than that, Thousands of people started the Anti-FaceApp movement on Twitter because Twitter user’s just couldn’t take the FaceApp’d selfies anymore.

And Then the World Burned

Every Major News Outlet started reporting of User’s Privacy Being in Danger !In Retrospect that was just the half truth. Only the User’s selected pictures were uploaded as opposed the the earlier reports being that the entire Photo Library was uploaded to Servers Hosted in The United States, There certainly is scope for your uploaded photo’s being used in Russian Facial Recognition Database but the chances are very slim(almost Non existent) So there’s Absolutely No Reason to be worried about.

The App Also Skyrocketed in terms of its Rank and Downloads on the App Store as well as on Play Store, In-App Purchases were also believed to be at ‘All Time High’ due to the Viral Nature the App Spread Across Social Media even with the Anti-FaceApp Movement.

But Thats Not What Really Matters

What really matter’s is People Cared about their Privacy, Even the Ones that didn’t in the past instances. There were messages of Distrust from every Software Developers that can read code as well as from Pen-testers, This showed that People Have learnt from their Past experiences and their attitude has changed with the Facebook Election’s scandal and many other data scandals that happened in the past year. People now think twice before they give their Personal data to Companies, Even the Ones that they trust.

This does come with take-aways, Firstly for Data Companies it would mean it’s just harder to harvest user data and if not pay more than ever, Because you know, things become expensive Not impossible There’s even a chance of seeing mass shutdown of Data Companies One By One in the future.

Secondly It has helped to Develop a Value for personal data, People would no longer consider sharing their Data unless they get actual Value out of it, In the case of FaceApp to see their Photo’s Morphed into their Older Selves. This would also encourage data companies to get data for cheap or through illegal sources and sell them at a high margin to other data companies or Governments.

‘The commoditisation of Data’ as its called has actually started even though it took a while it is necessary to understand that soon enough our Personal Data would be Valued by Individuals and Companies rather than treating it as a ‘Asset gained from ignorant users’.

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