Android N is Coming to All The Devices which are Manufactured by Wileyfox, Which is Nice but Not Yet.

Wileyfox is the British Smartphone Manufacturer and They Sell their Products and Services Online, You can buy their Products or Services from their website or from their Partnered Retailer


Almost 90 Emails Later from You Guys, We decided to Reach out to Cyanogen Via Twitter Last Month





Our OS Strategy and Software plan moving forward will be complete soon.
We have agreed a smooth transition where we will continue deliver constant and consistent software and OS updates.
Our plan is to bring our entire Wileyfox portfolio onto Android N, the latest version of Google Android’s OS, in a timely manner – while still continuing to protect the range with Google software security updates.
We will share our full and final plan in due time

Kind Regards,





Wileyfox Didn’t Give us an ETA which is Why We Stalked them 

and Today on their Facebook page They informed a Customer that an Update will be Rolling out Sooner Than they Think Which Might Translate into 1 or 2 weeks I Guess But it shouldn’t Translate to more than 2 Weeks.

Wileyfox had First Given the Deadline of Android N update as End of Q1 which is now already Over, But they Failed to Send out Updates Hence many users were worried and they Reached out to us. Reaching out to us is of no use since we get info from Wileyfox itself via Twitter. Wileyfox hasn’t disappointed their Customers Yet. 

Yesterday we Reached out to Wileyfox again For an ETA

Can a ETA be Provided? we’re asking this because a lot of People have been sending us emails about the Updates ever since we Published an article about it, We Kept on replying we have No info yet but they Keep on coming.





At this time we can’t provide an ETA, we are working our best to have the update out as soon as possible we understand that it may be frustrating to customers as some are having issues with their handsets due to Cyanogen but we are working hard on getting the update ready. Thanks. Lee


ofcourse they are working extemely hard getting timely updates to Thousands of their users across 8 Devices isn’t Easy, Neither will it be easy to Betray Customers from Whom they have gained their Trusts. 

Ever Since Cyanogen OS died it Looked Like Wileyfox was in the Middle of Something, They kept on Informing Customers That the Updates will be coming ‘Soon’. Many Customers are infact Sad because of Wileyfox’s Decision to Move to Android N Rather than Lineage OS 

LineageOS ROM for Wileyfox Devices are Already up on Lineageosdownloads from where you can download ROM’s Made Exclusively for Wileyfox devices and Flash them into your Device its a Easy Process but Requires Your Device to be rooted and a Bootloader Either TWRP or CWM Recovery installed. Rooting ofcourse Voids Warranty.

Unlike what any other company would do (I’m Pointing out to those Chinese Manufacturers) ie, RIP off Support, Remove Devices from Listing and Betray Customers, Wileyfox is Setting a Good Example by Working on Updates for All their Devices and Releasing them ‘Soon’. Again, When you are Shopping an Android Device Look for a Future Proff Device Which Provides ‘Timely’ updates to Enjoy the Latest OS and Won’t Go Obsolete any time soon. 

sTAY updated, follow us

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