Lets Begin With All the Useful Things You Would Need to Game Quietly and Have Fun, Needless to Say this Top 10 is Also for An Average PC User

1: Ninite – Installing Softwares

Ninite is a Awesome Tool For Installing All the Software you need in your Windows PC, Instructions are Quite Simple And Pretty Clear.

You Check all the Software you need, then Download the Custom Installer Provided by Ninite and Your Done.

The Custom Installer will Install Everything in Seconds for You, So That you Don’t Have to Click Next Next Next on the Offiical Software Installers.Pretty Useful I Would Say, it Does Save You A Lot of Time.Also Note that the Other Softwares on This List Can Also Be Installed Using Ninite

2:Steam – For all Those Games You Wanna Play

Look who made into this list – Steam (YAY) as you might have guessed Steam, You might already be Having it in your Desktop, Steam is No Longer only a Software it Has Been a Neccessity, Before Steam entered the Gaming Market We would actually have to goto a Store and buy Games but that’s no longer the case Cause we have steam Now [All Hail our Lord Gaben] 


3:WINRAR – For UnArchiving Files and Using it for life

Most of the Files You download these days come either in Zip or RAR File format and you ofcourse need a software to unzip or unarchive it, well here we have it ->WINRAR a Free Trial Software for UnArchiving Archived files, Even though it Comes in 40 Day Trial and After that You see a Dialog Box telling you that the Trial Period is Over you can Either Purchase a License for the Software or Continue Using it for life. like Issac Newton once said 2 Things are Infinite in Nature

1: Winrar Trial Period

2: Issac Newton didn’t Say that [Lesson: Don’t Believe Everything You Read in the Internet Do Your Own Reasearch]


4: Malwarebytes – A Freemium Anti Malware Software

This is Probably our #1 Recommendation to Every Windows User and This is also the First Software I Usually Install Using Ninite Whenever i use Windows, Malwarebytes is a Extensively Useful Software For Removing Malware From your Infected PC or for Removing Malware before it even Infects your PC Plus it is Easy To Install it, But it Doesn’t Scan Websites or Your Email.It Does Have Premium Packages Which Makes it a Premium Software.If Your PC is suffering from AdWare This is All You Need.


5: F.LUX – For Controlling Your Display

According to the F.LUX Website it makes the color of your computer’s display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. Thats it, Fairly Simple to Use Software It Does Really Help especially at Night if the Brightness is High it will Reduce Colors so as to Make you adjusted with Warm Colors. I’m using F.LUX Since Last 2 Years its a Very Good Piece of Software that Gets Work Done. Before i had it My Eyes usually Hurt Every Now and Then But Now my Eyes Love the Display at any given Time. F.lux is Always On and I Have No Plans Uninstalling it Ever.


6: GameSave Manager – For Never Losing a Game Save

GameSave is Incrediably Useful Software Escpecially for Gamers Who Can’t Risk Losing their Game Saves Even though Cloud Save is a Thing But losing Connection with the Game forces you to Get a Local Save and thats when Gamesave Manager comes in like the other softwares it is also easy to use, You can easily Backup Transfer and Restore your save files, You can Download it from Their Official Website by Clicking on the Title Which will Take You To Their Website


7: Game BoosterFor Doing What it Claims to Do

Game Booster by IOBIT is useful for Turing off all those processes which run in the Background so by doing so you get more Processing Power to use InGame Currently Game Booster is Powered by Razer so You have to Download Razer Cortex : Game Booster so What are you waiting for Get it from the Razer Website 


8: Discord – For Free Voice and Text Chat While Gaming

Even though Discord at the Start Was meant to be an Alternative for Skype and TeamSpeak it has Now evolved into a Multipurpose Voice and Text Chat Application, Even you can Launch Your own Server and Invite People to Join, Ever Since i started using Discord i Loved it so much that the Only time i Ever use Skype is for Talking to my Family Members, Almost all of my Friends are on Discord Shouting ” GOOD GAME YO NOOB xD” InFact almost all Discord Servers are Filled with Kids Who Love Gaming and Yes you can expect it to be Noisy at Times But hey Its Cool.


9: GOM Player – For Playing Your Music When You Game

GOM Player isn’t the Best Media Player But It Does Support almost all File Formats that ever Exists, It Even Supports Adobe Flash and can Allow you to Play Flash Files in Ease.

Getting used to the User Interface is a Bit Difficult and Also it Sometimes Crashes For No Reason But it is a Useful tool Once it even Let me Open a Ancient CD Format and That is when i Actually understood How Useful it Was. Trust me This is the Only Media Player You Will Ever Need. You can Download it from Their Official Website Just click on the Title or You Can install it using Ninite. I Decided Not to Mention Spotify in this List Because it is Not Avaliable in My Country Yet I Heard Great Things about it But Never Tested it, but there is some hope Since i read that it will eventually come to UAE 

10: Mozilla Firefox – For A Better Web Experience 

Chances are you already have it lying around in your Desktop but What is the Use of Just Having it Lying around? Start Using it.

Mozilla Firefox comes in with a Great Design and Customization Options, That is you can make your browser work the way you want it to. Browsing with Mozilla Firefox with Few Extensions won’t Slow down your browsing Speed But it will Enhance Your Browsing Experience. Getting into The Browsers Market is Very Hard, Almost impossible unless Your Product is Highly Innovative But in Firefox and Chrome’s Case it is All those Availiable Extensions. There is even an Extension for using Chrome only Extensions on Firefox and Opera. You can Download Firefox By Clicking on the Title.


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