Samsung Galaxy S8 Will be Released on 29th March, 2017 Well The Launch will Take Place in New York, Samsung Mostly Reveals its Phones In Mobile World Congress But  Not This Time Because of its Unfortunate Note 7 Device.

If you are Interested in watching the Live Stream of the Launch Event, Samsung will be Live Streaming it here

Galaxy S8 Can Be Pre-Ordered after 2nd April While in South Korea Pre-Orders are Accepted after 7th April.

Samsung Makes Great Phones No One Can Deny that and it Shows, When Buyers of Note 7 were refunded Almost 90% of them Purchased a Samsung Device. Samsung Lost Around 20 Billion Dollars due to its Note 7 But it didn’t Lose its Customers.

To Gain Customers Trust Samsung has Decided to Give 3 Months Trial of the Device so You can Pay for the Galaxy S8 use it for 3 Months and Return it for a full refund Also No Questions Asked (According to the Latest Leak)

So Here are The Reasons to Buy it

1: Value For Money 

Whenever Unfortunate Stuff Happens Companies Begin to offer More Features for Less Cash. You will Surely Bargain Just Make sure that you’re Buying it from a Good Retailer Because ‘Margins’ Leaks Show Prices Start At $799 for S8 and $100 More for S8+ Model

2: Record Videos At 1000 FPS

Galaxy S8 will also Feature a Great Camera which will be Able to Record Videos at 1000 FPS Using DRAM Comparing that will current Flagship Devices thats a Lot.

3:OLED Display 

Yes OLED, Getting a OLED Display is Awesome and it Has its own Perks. OLED Displays are Great to Look At A Recent Survey Shows that 95% Users will Switch to OLED Display. Since The Device will also Feature Tiny Bezel It Would be a Very Successful Device Probably More Successful than the S7 and S7+. 

Lets See What Happens, Remember the Decision to Get one is in Your Hand, Samsung has Mastered Designing High End Smartphones and Following the Trends in Smartphones Also It Has a Head Phone Jack [ Apple Take Notes ]



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