26th April 2017

Samsung has Recently Confirmed that their Recalled Note 7 Devices are Returning to their Shelves in China #Refurbished

Even though Recently Twitter Users started Praising Samsung for Bringing Note 7 Devices ‘Refurbished’ Samsung Did experience a Backlash after They Revealed That The Refurbished Devices cost 700K Won [Which is Nearly $619 – $623] Which is Not too Bad for a Device that Originally Costed Around 800$ and an Explosion.

If you Don’t Want to buy it then Don’t Buy it. Its That Simple, The Price Tag for an Refurbished Device Maybe High But its Your Money, I Would Recommend Going for S8 or S8+ if you want the taste of The Samsung Ecosystem.

Please do Note that it is NOT for sale in the US for Now. The Refurbished Devices will be Sold in South Korea.

Samsung revealed the reason behind the Refurbished devices, They wanted to reduce and Minimize the Environmental Impact.

According to Another Source, The Refurbished Note 7 might have a 3200 mAH Battery rather than the 3500 mAh battery the Exploding device had, Which some pointed out was the Reason why the Devices Exploded 5 Months ago on our DM’s on Twitter

Got any Leaks on this device? Please do inform us on our Twitter


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