As Oppo had Promised Earlier This Week, They Announced a New Camera technique which enables 5 times Zoom in Smartphones, Oppo Also added that this technique will allow even Thin Smartphones to have 5 times Camera Zoom.

So What Exactly is it?

It Isn’t a New, There have been similar Concepts Floating Around but Oppo is the First Company to Announce it publicly and make Devices Ready with this Technique. It Enables Veritcal Height Constraints With a Periscope Style Lens Array which Runs Horizontally Along The Top of the Smartphone, Well it does Consume a Bit of space with The Headphone Jack Removed it is totally Possible [Spoiler Aleart] 

The Problem Right Now is that Oppo Hasn’t Announced a Device that would use this Camera type Neither did it provide details about the Focal Length or Power 

Oppo as You Know provides Promising information beforehand and None of them Failed So Far, Good Job Oppo

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