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How To Save a Lot Of Battery on Android

Oran Dsouza, Professional Web Developer

20 August 2017

As You Know Smartphone Batteries Dont last forever But that doesnt Mean you cant do anything about this.

So you’re Presented with 2 Options. Switch to a Phone with Real Keys or you can Make some Changes we Suggest Below.

Where does all my battery go

First of all All those apps you have running in the background Drain a lot of battery also uninstalling Facebook will Help you save 20% of your Battery but you dont have to do that now here are some ways to save your battery

Dont use Auto Brightness

Using Auto Brightness seems like a good thing but it actually isn’t turning off auto/adaptive brightness can help you save around 6% of your battery

Turn off your Bluetooth,Mobile Data or Wifi

Turning off Bluetooth Mobile data or Wifi can help you save Battery and make it last Longer so if you don’t use Bluetooth or Mobile Data Just Turn it off or if your far from your Home and use Mobile data then turn off Wifi, you get my point it will surely help you save a lot of battery in The Long Term. I’m a Big Fan of Turning Off my Wifi When i’m Outside My House it helps to save Battery. Trust Me

Use Less Widgets

Using less widgets will result in increase of battery by 4 to 8 Percent. Widgets as you might have already guessed use a lot and lot of battery for no reason some widgets like Timer, Website Info or Something that Fetches Information when your device is off will consume Battery.I have actually proved That I Decided To Actually put 40 Flat Clock widgets and battery Completely Drained in just 5 Hours,Yes from 100% to 0% in 5 Hours

Turn off Auto Sync 

Turning off Auto Sync will stop using Battery Because your Device will no longer sync calender,events,Emails etc with Google it will actually save battery on the Long Run. 

Turn on Battery Saver

based on my experience while playing Music Normally the Battery Quickly goes from 100% to 80% But Turning On Battery Saver, I Notice it Doesnt at all go down Almost like 1% Per 5 Minutes at Full Volume or so Where as without Battery Saver, It would Flow faster Than Flow of Literature.


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