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How to Convert Keynote File to PPT


Mac Os Tutorial.

Oran Dsouza, Professional Web Developer

20 August 2017

Mac OS Comes equiped with Keynote, The program does what its supposed to do, with great features like formatting and animations even though Powerpoint has good animations and not to mention a lot of them, Keynote has animations that We would actually Use But Then Comes the Universal Problem. 

The Problem.

Apple Doesn’t really co-operate with other tech companies atleast not if the company pays, as you might already know google Paid 3 Billion this year just to keep Google Search the Default Search engine on iOS. Apple’s Interest Lies in Making Dollars Thats how it has a Huge Stash of Billions in Cash. That has always been apples Key to Success if you look at it that way.

The Built in Sollution and Others.

So many websites offer to convert keynote file to ppt there is even another way to do so by changing the format from .key to .zip but they break the keynote.

So here’s the sollution presented by us, Simply Open the .Key File you want to convert then click on File -> Export to -> Power point. Thats all you gotta do and not to mention it works as intented flawlessly as Apple said in 2013. But we did have some problem with animation and another problem with text on a slide But it did convert the Keynote file to PPT and saved a lot of trouble for us and we hope for you too.



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