As You Might Already Know Apple Decided to Begin Manufacturing Devices in India But the Process is More Complicated than you think well it can be Broken down in 2 Questions and a conclusion to easily understand the Situation

Where and When?

First of all Apple has only mentioned the Place and Device they will begin to Manufacture,They will start Manufacturing iPhone SE in the State of Karnataka ; thats all Apple has to Say about its Projects and has Failed to mention exact date hence said “In The Coming Months”

Does This Mean Cheaper iPhones?

It in No way means iPhones Price will drop Significantly but currently the Price of iPhone is Very High in India at $900 which Makes it Very Costly for People to Purchase the Phone ; The Pricing is Very High Due to High Import Taxes Placed on Foreign Goods by the Indian Gov.

Is There Hope?

Yes There is Hope for Reduction of iPhone’s Price Due to the Fact that they will be Manufactured Locally can save Import Taxes and Hence can lead to Low Prices But thats Not going to happen because Apple is Not known of Dropping Prices so the Prices can stay where they are [Around $800 TO 900$] But Apple can Make a Huge Profit

Also Apple did mention that They will offer discounts during the Festival Seasons also could be a 4 to 5 percent cut in price but the Effect won’t be felt,at least not in the Coming Year.

Although Apple had its Best sales in 2016 in India it did capture significant shares in the Indian Market